So you are a CREATIVE and have started your own business?

Getting a website designed CAN BE scary, that’s why we have built a package to make your LIFE SO MUCH EASIER!

First, you have to erase your previous scary thoughts about websites before you go any further. This isn’t a DIY website or something you need to build from scratch.  You will be working a desginated Brand Mentor.  We have designed this style of website and system with YOU in mind.

How does it work?



This is a meeting, whether it be via phone or video conference, where we will spend time with you one on one to hear about your business, listen to what you have built so far and talk about where you want your brand to go.



Once we have completed our free brand evaluation Brand Mentors will take that data along with a client questionnaire we ask you fill out and determine the best plan for your project.



After we sign off on the plan and determine our timing, Brand Mentors will begin building YOUR brand. Throughout the process, there will be a series of touchpoint meetings so that you can monitor the progress of the project.

This is what you get!

Creative Website Pricing Package


then pay $65 per month

monthly payments renew automatically from the date of signing up

Each website will be built within approximately 90 days. Monthly payments will renew on day you signed up each month for the life of the website. If for some reason your payment does not go through for any reason we will make up to 3 more attempts to collect your payment. If your payment is not resolved within 15 days of your renewal day, your website may be temporarily disabled. After 24 monthly payments, your website will be available for transfer to your own hosting account if you choose. If you wish to move your website prior to the end of your 24th month, feel free to contact us at info@thebrandmentors.com.

Base Package Includes

  • 5 Pages – Home Page, Sales/Services Page, About Page, Contact Page
  • Domain and Hosting – You don’t have to mess with the techy stuff! (only if needed)
  • 4 Color Choices – You can choose up to 4 colors for your site.
  • SEO – Google will be able to see your site (not Google Ranking)
  • Analytics – See how many visitors your site is getting on a daily basis.
  • Mobile Friendly – Your site will be responsive, meaning it will look just as good on a mobile device.
  • Monthly Checkup – We will watch your site to make sure its up and running.
  • Email Lead Capture – We can capture customer emails (MailChimp account required)
  • Google Map – So people can see your storefront.  (Only if wanted)
  • Blog Layout – You will have the built in ability to have a blog on your site.
  • Training Videos – Watch training videos to update your website when needed
  • Security – Your content will be safe.

Creative Business Full Branding Package – $1050 Deposit + $85 Per Month

Purchase the entire package. This includes the combination of base package, email marketing upgrade, and E-Commerce upgrades.

Upgrade Options

E-Commerce Upgrade – $200 Deposit + $10 Per Month

Sell products and services on your website.  Connect WooCommerce to your WordPress website and automate the shopping cart process.

If you plan to sell your products, services and or content this is the best way to about making sure you are set up for success.  Highly recommended for 10+ items to be sold.

Email Marketing Upgrade – $200 Deposit + $10 Per Month

This gives you the ability to market your creative business online as well as automate your marketing process.  You can also unlock features like paid Facebook groups, sell/resell your training videos, build a platform that can connect to a third-party membership system.

If you plan to send automatic emails when someone makes a purchase or joins a group, this upgrade will be highly recommended to provide the best customer service to your clients.

Brandon and Brand Mentors have far exceeded my expectations! Brandon is professional, highly knowledgable, and a true asset to anyone wanting to grow their business. What sets Brandon and Brand Mentors apart is his character.

Brandon is a rarity in business. He has deeply rooted ethics and has as genuine desire to see you and your business succeed. I can’t imagine working with anyone other than Brandon and Brand Mentors.

April Kolanchick

There aren’t ENOUGH good adjectives to describe Brandon and all he’s done for me and my business. For months, I looked for the right website designer and nobody felt good in my gut. I knew a website was going to be a very big investment and I wanted someone I could trust with my vision. Brandon has been a God-send since the moment I contacted him. He’s very knowledgeable in website building and explains in detail what he’s doing. I’m fortunate that Brandon has been available when I needed him with last minute updates and is quick to get things in motion. There are so many moving parts to a website and he’s able to piece it all together quickly for a top- notch look. If you want someone who can get things done fast, and just the way you envisioned, BrandMentors is who you need to hire. It’ll be an investment you won’t regret.


Just got off a video consultation with Brandon. He knows my level of “techiness” and really takes the time to determine what I need and explain to me how we can do it. He wants my project to be what I want, not what he wants. I know he’ll deliver on his promise.

Jo McMahan